Welcome Crusaders

Show your Crusader spirit at upcoming Crusaders events in new E.A. Graphics Apparel! From New Era hats to open bottom sweatpants, E.A. has you covered from head to toe.

Athletics Policies & Forms

Austin Catholic students who wish to play sports must create a Privit Profile. Parents and/or guardians should set up an account and complete all relevant information and forms on behalf of their athlete. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Register an account in the parent or guardian name here: Michigan HS Association Registration
  2. Add athlete(s) to account by selecting Add Member
  3. Complete all relevant athlete information and forms
  4. Apply parent electronic signature
  5. Join Appropriate Team(s)
  6. Print Physical and Health History for athlete’s physical
  7. Upload signed physical form
  8. Apply athlete electronic signature

Fore detailed instructions for each step listed above, please click here: Privit Profile Instructions If you need assistance with Privit Profile, please contact the Help Center at (844) 234-4357 or visit support.privit.com


Catholic League Athletics