Winter Sports

Austin’s Athletics Program now offers four Varsity sports in the Winter!

  • Boys Varsity Basketball
  • Girls Varsity Basketball
  • Boys Varsity Bowling
  • Girls Varsity Bowling

Athletics Policy Regarding No School-No Game

Austin Catholic does not have a No School-No Game policy. Twenty-six (26) of the twenty-seven (27) Detroit Catholic League schools do not have the No School-No Game policy. The reason for this is the game rescheduling and officials rescheduling. Usually the weather and road conditions improve as the day progresses. This policy only gives the schools involved an option to keep the game schedule in place. This situation is discussed by the Athletic Departments of both schools. The decision is usually made by noon of that day. The Athletic Director will forward the decision to the Coaches. The Coaches will forward the decision to Parents and Athletes by phone or e-mail.

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