From Our Principal

Dear Parents and Students: 
Welcome to the Austin Catholic Crusader Family!  I cannot believe that we are starting our 4th year in our Chesterfield home and 9th year as a school.  What an amazing journey it has been. I am so thankful for our families, benefactors and staff that have helped us get to this point.  It is truly an exciting time to be a Crusader and I am proud to be leading our students, staff and families as we move forward with God’s grace and help.  
Austin’s comprehensive college preparatory academics focus on experiential learning and critical thinking.  We are committed to educating students today, with the knowledge and faith that will influence the world of tomorrow.  To do so we continue to build our technology integration and use of our 1:1 device program while instilling digital citizenship. An Austin education emphasizes the ability of our students to work together as a community, to grow in friendship, and above all to recognize that final goal to which we are all called: perfect and lasting happiness with God.   
Academic learning and faith formation are community efforts – we all help one another grow in our relationship with the Lord. Families are active participants in their child’s education and the school.  Mass and Faith are regular part of our day for all students, and Christian outreach projects are a part of who we are.  As the student body grows, so too do the extra-curricular activities available.  Every student has a voice and has leadership potential at Austin.  Nonetheless, for every great community to be successful, there must be policies and rules to promote safety and security of all members.  So that our goals may be properly achieved, we need the cooperation of all. Fair and consistent discipline allows us to be about our task of education.  We are providing you with this Handbook at the beginning of the school year because we believe its contents are very important in setting the tone for the total education of our students. 
Austin Catholic has standards and rules for religious formation, academic achievement, extracurricular participation and appropriate behavior. From the day you are accepted until the day you graduate, all students are bound to observe these rules. All parents are expected to support the rules which are contained in this book, in other places, or announced to the student body and the parents. The Administration reserves the right to make and enforce whatever rules it believes necessary for the good of the school. The Administration of Austin Catholic High School reserves the right to: a) change the requirements for admission or graduation; b) change the arrangement, scheduling, credit or content of courses; c) change tuition and/or fees charged; d) change regulations affecting students; e) to refuse to admit or readmit any student and, f) to dismiss any student at any time, should it be deemed to be in the best interest of the student or school. 
Registration at Austin Catholic constitutes a voluntary contract recognized by law between parents and the school. Parents and students assume responsibility for all obligations – religious, academic and financial, resulting from this contract. Students and parents are expected to be familiar with this handbook.    Parents and students should understand that tuition accounts must be paid on time, that fund- raising obligations must be fulfilled, that detentions must be served when given, that school days take priority over vacation time, and that cooperation with the religious and academic mission of the school is essential. 
In order that we may be assured you have read through the policies and rules contained in this Handbook, we require that the student and one parent/guardian sign the compliance agreement. By doing so, you and your child are bound by the policies outlined in this handbook and will enjoy the privilege and protection of them as well. 
I hope that you will share in my excitement, optimism, and confidence as we begin the new academic year. 
Yours in Christ,

Janel M. Coppens
Principal/Head of School