Annual Fund

Dear Friends of Austin,                                                         

Truth, Unity, Love…three powerful yet simple words that guide our everyday lives here at Austin Catholic.  From the first retreat as freshman to the last Mass as seniors, students are motivated by St. Augustine’s teachings, examining how his words and his life are inspiration for us all. Last fall Bill Harrington, ’63 joined a group of Austin staff and over 90 educators, leaders, and lay people at the annual Augustinian Values Institute in Tulsa, OK.  Some of you may have been contacted by Bill upon his return when he was sharing his experience.  He was on fire. “I spent four years attending an Augustinian school – Austin Prep. And it wasn’t until this weekend that I truly understood the depth of teachings and the value of my experience there.”

Through your personal gift and those of our generous benefactors, Austin Catholic continues to expand and build upon our earliest foundations.  We appreciate your past support of our Annual Fund and graciously appeal to you again this year in supporting our efforts. Your Annual Fund donation is invested directly in the enhancement of our building, our programs, our staff and most importantly our students. The Austin Catholic Annual Fund is central to providing an affordable Catholic education to our students as we work to bridge the gap between tuition and each family’s need. Educating youth in today’s world is rift with expenses and demands. More families are struggling to afford not only tuition and supplies but also the transportation to campuses outside walking distance.  Your commitment to Austin’s Annual Fund directly impacts all of our families and our mission to provide a richly comprehensive Catholic education that is affordable to all.

Just as Bill renewed his connection with St. Augustine and satisfied his restless heart last fall; we ask you to set your hearts on fire and renew your support of our mission. Please consider a gift today.

Yours in Christ,

Janel M. Coppens
Principal/Head of School